CARL Gottlob Kern


CARL Gottlob Kern was born on April 20, 1845 in Gera , a small town in former Kingdom of Saxony in Germany . His father, same name, was born May 3, 1798 in Zittau and died Oct. 7, 1853 in Gera . His profession was black- and gunsmith. He was a master craftsman.  

A rumour in our family says that CARL Gottlob Kern (*1845) emigrated to the United States. As a matter of fact a person of his name, age, place of birth and of living and profession left Germany via Bremen with SS HERMANN and was registered entering US on Sept. 9, 1866 in New York ( Ellis Island ).  

It was not easy to find out about him but finally search in the US Censuses of 1870 and 1880 showed that he settled in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.  He changed his first name into Charles, but all the other details were the same. He married Christina Daiker, b. in Prussia, worked in his profession and had seven (7)  children: Paul (*1870), Caroline (*1871), Lenora (*1873), Liz (*1875), Mary (*1878), Ed. (*1879) and Rob (*1880).

According to 1900 census Christina Kern is widowed and she and the three children Nora, Lizzie and Ed still lived in Cincinnatai, Ohio in a house of their own.


The latest results of research, carried out by an American recommendation of our son, are found in the family tree after Christoph Kern: There still live descendants of Carl Gottlob Kern in Cincinnati/Ohio. 

Further research is under way.



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